December 11, 2023


Replace your free email withSecuredMail.App

If you are using a free, non secure email account then we may have found the answer to help you. SecuredMail.App is a great email service. It gives you everything you need. On top of two email accounts as standard, you also get a calendar, contacts, and place to store files. All of this for only £2.00/month including VAT.


Take back your email security

What you get

 SecuredMail.App impressed us with what you get with it:

  1. a 5GB email account x2. Yes get one for you and one for your partner. Be 2 different people and appear a bit bigger than you are. Just use one for work and one for home and keep your work and personal life separate. How you use them is up to you. Use your email account on different devices and keep them in sync. Delete something on one device and it disappears on the other.
  2. Sync your contacts between your devices. Especially good if you use Android and iOS devices or Mac and PC or Linux computers, or even a mix of all of these. Syncing your contacts, calendars and email is very important to most people and is essential for proper organisation.
  3. Create a calendar and keep your appointments with you. Set reminders and add notes.
  4. Files can also be uploaded to the servers so that if you have files that you regularly send or need to attach then you can easily access them and don’t have to re-upload them each time.
  5. Webmail access to give you access to your emails, contact, calendar and files from wherever you are. Webmail also allows you to easily control all aspects of your email account.
  6. App Passwords. Use a different password for your phone and a different one for your tablet and for your computer. For the passwords that you tend to only put in once you can use a different one to your master password. It doesn’t compromise your account if your password on your phone or computer is compromised. You cannot access your main account with the app passwords.
  7. You can choose an email address on the domain or the domain or you can use your own domain name.

Stay in Control

Stay in control of your data. SecuredMail.App gives you the tools to control your email and to make sure that you are in control of your data, not handing control of it over to someone else, who might be selling your data legally

These days most people have a free email account from Google, Microsoft (hotmail or or one of the other free email account providers. There has for a long time been a problem with that, in that you don’t own the account and you don’t pay for it, but you do give away all your rights to the data inside your accounts. This is a good solution to use email and not need to pay a lot for it.

If you would like to read more about it then go to site and see for yourself.

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