December 11, 2023

TrueSeal – Promoting Trust on the Internet

Get your site verified by TrueSeal and help your site visitors to feel safe.

TrueSeal at the same address, are working hard to help the internet be a safer place for all. Their work, promoting Trust on the Internet started back in 2010. They promote a secure internet for everyone and have failed the use of the FREE SSL certificates as a great leap forward for security. One way that they help is to confirm that a business or website is who they say they are. Businesses can subscribe to them and they will carry out due diligence on the company and provide them with a seal to show that they have been checked.

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If you have a website, then you should really get a TrueSeal website seal for your website. There are different levels of seal which will give your visitors and customers a level of confidence in your site. Making sure that it it your site they are on is important. It is important for new visitors to know that they can trust you.

They said:

We strive to help everyone use the internet in a safe and secure way. We would rather that we weren’t needed but sadly the way the internet is today we are needed. Our goal is to help everyone be safe when they use the internet. By checking the seal on a site you can also check that the certificate is valid and that they are actually a member so you can feel secure. We know that hackers and fraudsters will try to mimic our seals and as with all seals they probably will make something similar.

If you are in any doubt then we suggest you first check. Submitting the form on our site you can get a response that will identify the Company, their official website where the seal is, the IP address of the site, the SSL certificate serial number and their current membership status. This will help you to determine that you are on the right site and that it is safe to do business with them.

CTO, TrueSeal

You cannot forge an SSL serial number. You can therefore identify that you are on the correct site. In the unlikely but possible scenario that someone has copied the certificate and the private key, you can confirm further by IP address. If the IP address were not correct that could indicate that someone is performing a DNS attack on you. When this happens, it means that someone has change the DNS records returned to you by the DNS server. This is commonly called as a DNS spoofing attack. It takes a very determined attacker to pull this off.

FREE Seals

They have a gift for you when you purchase an SSL certificate from TrueSeal or one of their partners. You will receive a FREE SSL protected site seal for your website. As many SSL certificates require you to perform some level of verification they may also give you a discount on a higher grade seal. Do your bit to help keep the internet safe.

Read more about what they are doing on their website.

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