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cPanel is the world’s favourite hosting control panel

CritchCorp Computers Ltd has been hosting client websites for over 14 years. They have had a lot of experience in the hosting game and have used a variety of different hosting control panels.

According to Michael Dan, Accounts and Marketing Department,

We have assessed cPanel in the past and although it was not the right time for us to move to them, we were impressed with the ease of use. It has since become the world’s best and most used control panel. We have used many control panels over the years, but they have not kept up with cPanel. The time is right to move to them now. We have already begun to move all our existing accounts over to our new cPanel servers. This process is expected to take 6 – 12 months. We will also stop adding new customers to the old servers in the next week or so.

Further Research Shows

We further found out that they are using the next gen hardware on their new servers so that it should be operating at lightning speed. They will also have a range of security services and a CDN that will be offered for FREE to their customers using their new cPanel servers. They have partnered with Comodo and are offering their security, rebranded as their own. A fact that they do not hide. They said,

We feel that a security company that has the wealth of experience and the resources to do it right is the best way for us to protect our customers. We rebrand some items and others we just use their brand, either way our customers get the best of both worlds, our high-end values for our clients websites with Comodo’s high-end security.

Michael Dan, Marketing Department

Looking for hosting?

If you are looking for hosting, then cPanel is a great choice for hosting control panel. Most web developers will also be familiar with it and able to use it effectively to manage your account.

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