Bridge collapses as container ship hits pillar

Bridge collapses in Baltimore as ship collides.

Pic: Andrew Doyle, Sky News website

People and vehicles were on the bridge at the time.

A major bridge has collapsed in Baltimore after a cargo ship destined for Sri Lanka hit one of the pillars, causing the entire bridge to collapse.

At around 01:30 local time (05:30 UK time) a cargo ship heading to Colombo in Sri Lanka hit one of the pillars of the 1.6 mile-long Francis Scott Key bridge. Footage of the incident show the bridge immediately collapsing in sections, in to the water. You can clearly see vehicles at one end going in too.

At least 20 people are thought to have been working on the bridge, which was closed for maintenance, at the time.

Container ship hits bridge in Baltimore
Pic: Sky News

Emergency Services

Emergency services are on the scene of the collapsed bridge. Search and Rescue is ongoing.

Baltimore City Fire Department has called it a “developing mass casualty event”

Collapsed Bridge

The collapsed bridge is only 47 years old, opening in 1977. It is a total of 1.6 miles long. It had a 4 lane highway on it, part of the i695. Furthermore, it crosses the Patasco river and is usually a very busy crossing. Thankfully this has happened at night and not during rush hour, when the casualties would have been enormous.

Crew on board ship while bridge collapses

The crew, including two pilots, who were on board while the ship hit the bridge and caused it to collapse, are reported all said to be unhurt.

Update to Collapsed Bridge – 10:35(UK time)

Baltimore City Fire Department say at least 7 people still missing after 2 people rescued. 1 of which is critical and has been taken to hospital. The other is said to have not been injured and refused medical attention at the scene.

As of 15:00(UK Time) it was announced that there are 6 people confirmed missing still. Search and rescue are still looking for them.

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